Friday, January 17, 2014

1st Baptism!


We did have the baptism on Saturday and yes, I performed the ordinance and thankfully didn´t have to do it twice.  For some reason Brazilians have really long names.  Maria do ????? ???????? de ?????? (edited for privacy) and then the rest of the ordinance in Portuguese.

Not a whole lot else happened this week.  We went on a lot of exchanges with other missionaries.  A missionary from Ecuador, a Brazilian and an American.   It´s nice to hear different Portuguese every once in a while.  A member from church said I´m picking up too much of Elder Castilla Columbian accent!
I gave a talk in Portuguese on Sunday about how the members could help with missionary work.  He wanted me to speak for 5 minutes and I honestly have no idea how long it actually was, it felt like 30 seconds.  I know I made a few mistakes but everyone said good job.  We also ate at the Bishop´s house.  We both love rugby and he has a picture and a jersey with the 2003 All Blacks because his company is one of their sponsors.  Still eating quite a bit and I think I might end up putting on weight.  Another Elder who is finishing up put on about 30lbs, even with all the walking.

Elder Castilla taught a lesson in Spanish last night. I just kinda sat there having no idea what was going on.  A member from Columbia lives with non-members from Columbia so we used the oppurtunity to share a little about the Gospel with them.  They are all trying to learn Portuguese so I was able to contribute a little but not a whole lot.

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