Monday, January 13, 2014

MTC - Week 4

Bom dia!

So this week has been pretty normal, except for the snow. That first morning I jumped right in!

The language is coming along fine. I can usually carry a lesson pretty well now, it's just trying to get your investigator to open up with your limited Portuguese vocabulary. We did run into a native from Brazil serving in the temple square mission. Had no idea what she said, she talked really fast.

The district that got here before us left for their assignments so we got a new district, 9 new elders. None of them are going to my mission. And once again, no one from Utah, weird. We did finally get a whole zone picture before the other district left so I'll attach that. And I was able to "ground" myself during our temple walk. You realize that here in the MTC you never get to walk around in your bare feet so we took off our shoes and enjoyed the cold grass between our toes!

I receive my re-assignment Thursday so everyone can guess again where you think I'll be going. It will be Stateside. I'm crossing my fingers for something coastal.  

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