Friday, January 17, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR! and a Trip to the Temple!

So the reason I didn´t email yesterday was because (and i found this out on Sunday) when we go to the Temple, they change P-day to Tuesday.
Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a good time.  We had the wonderful chance to encounter some happy drunks on the street who wouldn´t stop kissing our heads and hugging us.  Really weird.... But we did get to sleep in till 8am!!!  The days are moving faster.  We have more people to teach and the language is slowly coming along.  You eventually become accustomed to different accents and such.  We´re still getting fed and my weight has stayed about the same.  Elder Castilla has put on 2kg in this area so far.  Elder Castilla said the members like me because I eat all their food...idk if that´s good or bad.
I also had my haircut last week.  That was scary.  I quickly flipped through the dictionary and said ´´guarda numero quatro´´ and pointed to the sides of my head and then made the snip snip action on top.  Thankfully he understood me!

We have a baptism scheduled for this Saturday.  Maria, sister to Jadson (our last baptism).  I think i´m performing the baptism but I´m not 100% sure.  I keep getting lost in the language.  All the words kind of blend together.
The weather has been continually hot but I´ve gotten used to being sweaty all day. It was 37 C on Friday but people are saying fall should be coming soon, and rain.

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